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Born: 1985-07-04 Birthplace: Czech Republic Height: 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)

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Her name is Eufrat Mai, but sometimes she just goes by Eufrat. Realistically though, we could call her anything from Nut Buster to Goo Spiller to Panty Drencher. Eufrat is another cum princess from the Czech Republic who knows that the quickest way to warm the hearts of the Western World is to focus, first and foremost, on heating up the crotch region. This babe is a killer stunner of world-class proportions. You could get lost staring into her dreamy Eastern European eyes, so much so that you might not realize you’ve started jacking off in public as a result. She has a modelesque face with that natural steely Slavic sexiness. Speaking of natural, her body is the real deal, with perfect tits that couldn’t have been better shaped by Michelangelo himself. That ass is a pure creamy mound of freshly baked buns you could bury your face in to hide from the troubles of the world. Eufrat has a couple of specialties up her slut sleeve.. She’s a solo masturbation skank who can’t help keeping her fingers from pinching her clit and ramming them up her holes. She’s got a bigger collection of toys and playthings than Toys ‘R’ Us. The one thing Eufrat loves more than anything is the smell and taste of moist and salty pussy. She goes muff diving like Jacques Cousteau in an ocean of poon and comes out soaking wet in twat juice and girl cum every time.