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Born: 1988-10-26 Height: 5 ft 1 in (155 cm) Weight: 90 lbs (41 kg)

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You wouldn’t be a total idiot if you thought for a second that Little Caprice is just too good to be real. We’d forgive you for swearing she’s the product of an artist, an engineer, and a grade-A pervert millionaire, who have all gotten together to plot the conspiracy of the hottest piece of young twat ever. Well, Little Caprice wasn’t born out of any imagination, but rather in the next best place for hottie-making: the infamous Czech Republic. Those Eastern European states are notorious for pumping out the sexiest and horniest fuck kittens on the planet, and Little Caprice ranks top bill from the land of castles, beer and vampires. Little Caprice launched her own material when she was just 18. That’s how horny and desperate she was to become a famous fucker. Her body requires absolutely zero amount of work to get your cock pump overheating. Teeny tits and ass with that curiously deviant face make a package so hot, you’ve got to handle it with oven mitts. For those that like big nipples, Little’s can cut glass. Since her big launch, Caprice has learned all about the joy of orgies, anal, black dicks and lesbian fun. Seeing her body oiled up and scissoring another cute girl is like glancing at the Holy Grail of teen lesbo action. The way this girl cries and screams when she’s getting reamed by monster dong will send electric shocks right from your eye balls to your cock balls.

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