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Born: 1989-05-09 Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, United States of America Height: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm) Weight: 117 lbs (53 kg)

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Here’s a lovely little tart with a body so damn perfect, you could go blind just by staring at her pictures and trying to find evidence of digital photo retouching. Mandy Flores is just that amazing, and her figure is fit to the max. The only retouching this girl needs is a boner retouching the inside of her vagina. She was born in the great West Coast state of Washington, where she still resides and makes one sexy custom ordered video after another at her own home studio, then loading them here herself at Pornhub for our cock stroking pleasure! After deciding her pursuit of a medical degree wasn't really where her heart was at, she turned to the exciting world of modeling. She was a natural In front of the camera, and before long, Mandy discovered she’d rather model her body without clothing. Her big tits are always ready to get lovingly squeezed and filthily fucked. Her backside is dreamy when she arches her butt out and shows off that perfect pussy and winking butt hole. Mandy claims she’s a people pleaser at heart, and when you watch her scenes, it really shows how much she keeps her partners satisfied! She also claims to be a perfectionist, which is why anyone who fucks her unleashes perfect goo-rockets on her pretty face or up her hot snatch. Mandy’s got it all: a model’s looks, a stripper’s bod, a concubine’s desire to please, and a nympho’s need to be pleasured.

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